Application Notes

400V – 12V/500W HF Resonant Converter
Converter was built with TI's high voltage GaN FETs under nominal (390V to 12V) voltage conversion
UCD3138HSFBEVM-029 User's Guide
Digitally Controlled Hard-Switching Full-Bridge
DC-DC Converter
PMP5726 Rev.F Test Results
The PMP5726 is 350W High Speed_Full Bridge Phase Shift ZVT...
UCC28221EVM User's Guide (Rev. A)
This evaluation module (EVM) being provided by Texas Instruments (TI) is intended for use for...
UCC3895EVM-001 Configuring
For Direct Control Driven Synchr onous Re (Rev. A)...
Using the UCC35705
This evaluation kit being sold by TI is intended for use for...
A 300-W, Universal Input, Isolated PFC
Power Supply for LCD TV Application, only 20mm height...
UCC3895 Phase Shift PWM
The UCC3895 evaluation board is a 48-V input dc-to-dc converter providing 3.3 V at 15...
320W Telecoms DC/DC PSU
This report describes the design of a 320W Telecoms DC/DC converter...


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