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About Payton's Planar Transformers

While operating under the same laws of physics and using the same materials (i.e. copper, ferrites) like the conventional transformers, these Planetics® planar transformers have different construction geometry that reflects handful of technological advantages. 



Planetics® are the state of the art magnetic components in the advanced industry of high frequency SMPS. 
The small size and weight of Planetics® enable the designer to minimize the SMPS physical dimensions.

The excellent repeatability, high efficiency (97-99%) and efficient cooling methods have already made Payton's Planetics® the preferred technological choice in many of the world leading electric companies. 






This commercialized innovative technology is available at competitive prices compared with conventional technology, while introducing all these advantages for a power range of 10W-10000W in one unit, operating in 50kHz-2.5MHz, for all SMPS topologies. 

This technology complies with all safety standards and is UL approved.


Summary of  Benefits:



High Power Density

Up to 3 times compared to conventional transformers

High Current Capability

Up to 200A per winding layer

Large Power Capacity

5W - 20,000W in a single unit

High Efficiency

Typically 98% without a volume increase

Good Thermal Conduction

Short thermal path, lower temperature rise

Good Heat Dissipation

By attaching to chassis or heat sink

Low Profile

Suitable for modern applications

Low Leakage Inductance

About 0.2% of primary inductance

High Parameter Repeatability

Fixed, pre-tooled winding structure

Low EMI Emission

Efficient core shielding

Large Operating Frequency Range

From about 20 kHz to more than 1MHz


Available as samples and in production quantities at competitive price levels