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Planar SMPS Transformer - Request Form

Please fill in as many fields as possible so we can better meet your requirements:

Please fill in as many fields as possible so we can better meet your requirements:

Output power duty cycle (if applicable)

Output DC voltage and DC current of power supply

SMPS topology
Note: For resonant topologies please attach electrical diagram with wave forms of current and voltage

Winding center tap:

Transformer operation frequency (kHz)

DC link input voltage
Switching Duty Cycle

Primary to secondaries turn ratios: (not obligatory)
Note: a. In center tap topologies Np = half of the primary, Nsec = half of the secondary. Note: b. Typical 3 secondaries for OFF-LINE transformers.

Secondaries output current (Arms)

Primary to secondaries isolation

Ambient temperature

Cooling available
(3 m/sec is recommended for fan cooling)
[cooling condition (recommended for best power utilization of Planar)]

Clearance and creepage requirements (mm)

Safety required properties (for automotive projects, According to IATF)

Dimension Limitations if critical

Quantity required

Target price

Please kindly advise us as to how you heard about our company?

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