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Planar Magnetics for Industrial Applications

The electronic circuits are getting smaller with demands in size reduction, price reduction and high efficiency for the magnetics. 

Key points of Planar Magnetics used in industrial applications:

First is efficiency - Power planar magnetics are 99.0% efficient at converting the input energy to the output energy. With high efficiency the power supply is running cooler and the MTBF is high.

Second is size - Unlike wired magnetic components that are usually restricted to sizes - particularly the height - power planar magnetics can be “squashed” to reduce their height with an increase of their base area, for optimum cooling, so the magnetics fits into the space provided in the electronic enclosures.

Third is temperature - Power Planar magnetics operate in the temperature range from -55 degC to + 150 degC. 

Fourth is weight - Power Planar Magnetics can reach a weigh of approximately 10g per 100W. 

Fifth is power - Power Planar Magnetics can supply 5W to 90,000W in one unit. 

Sixth is repeatability - With pre-tooled windings and well-defined geometry, electrical parameters are predictable and repeatable. 

With these characteristics and advantages, more designers are looking to power planar magnetics for their designs in industrial applications. Payton is committed to helping designers use power Planar Magnetics to achieve these limitations.

Payton is an approved ISO9001:2008 and ISO 14001:2004 supplier


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