Automotive Planar Transformer is Introduced in a small package
By the World Leader in Planar Magnetics

Deerfield Beach - FL - June 2012, Payton has introduced a line of automotive grade Power Planar Transformer available for use in the harsh automotive environment. The transformer is designed to accept 400 Vdc input from a pfc, and provide battery charging voltage on the output at 200 Amps. The total output power is 3000 Watts provided the transformer is mounted on a 90°C cool plate. The clasp allows an easy way to thermally and mechanically secure the transformer to a cold plate. Switching frequency is 186Khz and the topology is Full Bridge . The total area volume needed is under 6 X 3 in and the power density is 500 W/in^3. The efficiency is better than 99% Different models can be designed in this configuration based on specific technical requirements. Additional models are available with different pin configurations.




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