Payton is Expanding its Design team

We are Looking for Electrical Design engineers

PAYTON Planar Magnetics is seeking to employ an Electrical Design Engineer specialized in high frequency transformers/SMPS/PSU in its office in Israel.


  • Comprehensive understanding and proven experience in High Frequency magnetic components, operating at 100-3000kHz;
  • Previous knowledge and understanding of resonant topologies as well as of classic topologies of power supplies of 100W to 50kW;
  • Having production orientation and imaginative personality;
  • Ambitious, creative and highly motivated;
  • Fluent in English;
  • Willingness to travel abroad.


Please send your CV to







Planar Transformers 10 to 40W
Planar Transformers 25 to 100W
Planar Transformers 50 to 400W
Planar Transformers 200 to 1400W
Planar Transformers 0.5 to 2.6kW
Planar Transformers 0.5 to 5kW
Planar Transformers 1 to 10kW
Planar Transformers 5 to 20kW
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