Why Flatter Is Better?
The Shape Of Optimal Magnetics: Why Flatter Is Better
by Dennis Feucht, Innovatia Laboratories, Cayo, Belize
Planar for Hybrid Electric Vehicles
The HEVs are here – and more are coming
Transformer Modeling
Payton’s PN 50636
Using Planar Transformers in soft switching DC/DC power converters...
Method for Bonding Planar Transformers
Method for bonding planar transformers to aluminium heatsinks for structural and thermal requirements...
Innovation products article
Payton Planar Magnetics - An Innovative Technology for Modern SMPS...
PCIM article
Designing Planar Magnetics...
Planar magnetics for photovoltaic
High efficiency isolated DC/DC boost converter with planar magnetics
for photovoltaic applications


Planar Transformers 10 to 40W
Planar Transformers 25 to 100W
Planar Transformers 50 to 400W
Planar Transformers 200 to 1400W
Planar Transformers 0.5 to 2.6kW
Planar Transformers 0.5 to 5kW
Planar Transformers 1 to 10kW
Planar Transformers 5 to 20kW
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